• I can not build a house, but I can ride a bike and raise money to help a family get back into a home.
    — 2013 Rider Amy T
  • A place called home is a universal need. I am proud to play my small role.
    — 2013 Rider Toby T
  • I love to ride and I believe in what the charity stands for
    — 2013 Rider Jason S
  • This ride is important to me because it's a way I can help and give back for all that was done for Joplin in our time of need and pass it on to others.
    — 2013 Rider Cyndi R
  • I am riding in remembrance of the 161 who lost their lives in the 2011 Joplin tornado, including my friend Trip Miller. The best way I can honor Trip's amazing life is to help others get back home.
    — 2013 Rider Bryan V
  • If riding my bike 800+ miles helps make a difference in bringing families home then I am happy to be a part.
    — 2013 Rider John H
  • To see people pick themselves up from such turmoil and consistently move forward with their lives in a positive manner, it gives me strength to face my own battles without fear and doubt.
    — 2013 Rider Brooke H
  • The amazing outpouring of help, hope, and love following our tornado has really been awe-inspiring.
    — 2013 Rider Christopher S
  • It seems like such a small physical sacrifice in the scheme of things when I know it's going to help a family return home after a disaster. Let's ride!
    — 2013 Rider Melissa H
  • Riding to New Orleans just hit home for me. Being able to help families in need one mile at a time... now that's freedom!
    — 2013 Rider Dia F
  • I am excited for the opportunity to help rebuild some of the communities that have helped us over the past two years.
    — 2013 Rider Andy P
  • We've made a great start but there is still work to be done and I want to raise awareness and funds to that end.
    — 2013 Rider Sam W
  • Rebuild has the infrastructure, a talented and engaged staff along with the capabilities to bring families home. They are only limited by the funding available and this is why I am proud to be part of this ride.
    — 2013 Rider Louis N
  • I'm doing this as my small way to say THANK YOU to the ten's of thousands of volunteers that have helped our community recover from the devastation.
    — 2013 Rider Joe C
  • I am honored to assist three families in restarting their lives and creating new memories. Thanks to friends and colleagues, JOMONOLA will bring this to fruition.
    — 2013 Rider Brad B
  • My connection is of course community and a way to help others through cycling and fundraising.
    — 2013 Rider Michael R
  • I feel lucky and blessed in what life has given me, now it's time to pay forward.
    — 2013 Rider Jim F
  • At the end of the day, it's all about getting families back home
    — 2013 Rider Jerrod H
New Orleans: Hurricane Katrina
A long journey: still rebuilding, 8+ years later
Joplin: F5 Tornado
Good progress: Can see the light at the end of the tunnel
New York/New Jersey: Superstorm Sandy
New effort: New Orleans and Joplin helping NY/NJ with lessons learned
Joplin, MO to New Orleans, LA: JOMONOLA
A cycling tour to bring families home

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